• Suitable for users 4 ft 8″ – 6 ft 6″ tall
  • Max weight: 136 Kg (300 lbs)
  • Ergonomic backrest allows for more effective and comfortable inversion
  • Foldable design
  • Tether strap angle limitation system
  • Dual padded cupped ankle holders
  • Includes a DVD with full instructions
  • Fully customisable with extra features
  • This item is for UK MAINLAND SHIPPING ONLY, please contact the retailer for a quote to another destination


Teeter EP-960 Inversion Table, Max Load 136 Kg


Whether you are looking at buyer reviews from UK residents or from buyers in the United States, it is clear that Teeter inversion tables are loved by many.

Teeter inversion tables often receive 100% positive 5 star reviews making them hard to ignore.

It is no wonder Teeter top our list of the best inversion tables available to buy in the UK. However, the price of Teeter table is often one issue some have!

So are Teeter inversion tables worth the extra cost?

When you consider Teeter have been manufacturing inversion tables since 1981, you realise they have had a great deal of time to perfect their products.

The perfect design is often highlighted when you read product reviews from users and buyers.

Time and time again, you will read about how excellent the quality is, and how strong and durable Teeter tables are.

Teeter inversion tables have also been through rigorous testing against other leading brands of inversion table, you can read more about this here on our homepage.

As you have probably guessed Teeter tables came out on top every time.

Also on our homepage, you can read about the main differences between this model, the EP-560 and the EP-960 which has a few more features.


Specifications and Features of the Teeter EP-560

Teeter EP-960 Inversion Table, Max Load 136 KgThe Teeter EP-560 is suitable for users between the heights of 4 ft 8″ – 6 ft 6″ who weigh up to 136 Kg (300 lbs) in weight.

The backrest of the Teeter table has been manufactured so it follows the natural curvature of the back allowing for more effective and comfortable inversion sessions.

The backrest and frame of the inversion table have also been designed to allow for better stretching options while inverting.

As you can see in the images above, the backrest features a handgrip at the top and two handgrips either side of the small black headrest in the centre.

You can also see in the image to the right, that the tables frame has a raised curve at the bottom for additional stretching and spinal decompression.

As with most inversion tables the Teeter models can be folded down for storage.

The Teeter EP-560 features a tether strap system to limit the inversion angle, should you wish to. This is a good feature for newcomers to inversion or anyone wishing to build up confidence before trying full inversion.

You can read more about angle limitation devices found on inversion tables here if you are unfamiliar with what the purpose of a tether strap is.

The Teeter EP560 features dual padded cupped ankle holders on the front and back in order to secure your ankle comfortably and firmly in place.

The one feature that may be a little off-putting on the EP560 is the rather small hand rails on either side of the tables frame. If you are fairly agile or have tried other inversion tables and felt the hand rails are not necessary then this issue should not bother you.

However, if you are less agile or are perhaps new to inversion and lack confidence, you may want an inversion table with longer side hand rails.

Most inversion tables listed on this website feature extra long side handrails (It is pretty much only the 560 that doesn’t).

If you would prefer a Teeter manufactured table with longer handgrips the Teeter EP-960 is the one for you as you can see in the image below (right).


Difference between Teeter ep-560 and ep-960 inversion tables

Like all Teeter inversion tables this inversion table includes a DVD with full instructions to help get you started.

It is also fully customisable with extra features such as adjustable acupressure therapy nodes that can be inserted anywhere along the bed tracks.

Also available is a Lumbar Bridge which adds a gentle arch to the lower back.

These add-ons can also be purchased along with the table on the EP-560 LTD variation (subject to availability).

This item is for UK MAINLAND SHIPPING ONLY, please contact the retailer for a quote to another destination.


As you can see from the buyer reviews in the next tab, there is no negativity to be found with a Teeter inversion table.

If you can spare the extra cash on a Teeter inversion table it is highly recommended.

However, if a Teeter table is a little out of your price range there are cheaper alternatives available that are also very well rated by buyers.

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