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  • Dimensions: 78 x 146 x 159 cm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 24.5 kg
  • Maximum inversion 180⁰, without strap 160⁰
  • Max weight capacity: 150 kg
  • Max height 6.2 ft
  • 20-stage height adjustment
  • 3-position roller hinge to control speed and rotation
  • Table upholstered with 2″ thick foam padding
  • Adjustable nylon safety belt
  • Non-slip feet
  • Ergonomic safety handles
  • Easy to follow illustrated user manual
  • Our Rating: 90 / 100



The Klarfit Relax Zone pro inversion table in blue and white is a slightly more stylish looking model than the basic Relax zone inversion table from Klarfit. The Klarfit inversion table has a solid and durable design and is unlikely to damage or deteriorate easily, making it a good investment for years of inversion therapy usage. The inversion table requires an area of roughly around 1 metre (Width) x 2 metres (Length) to use.

The Klarfit Relax Zone inversion table is ideal for usage for anyone between the heights of around 4 ft 11 to 6 ft 2 and can be adjusted to suit the users height easily using the 20 stage height adjustable leg support. The padded foot support is also adjustable so that you can fasten your ankles securely in place in a manner that suits your personal preference. The inversion table is able to hold up to 150 kg in weight making it a good choice for anyone a little heavier than average.

The Klarfit inversion table features a 3 position roller hinge allowing the user to control the speed and rotation of the inversion tables back support and allows the user to invert a full 180 degrees should they wish to. If you are looking for a less intense inversion therapy session you can use the nylon safety strap that can be adjusted to control the maximum inversion angle ensuring you will not unexpectedly end up hanging vertically upside down.

The inversion table back support is upholstered with 2″ thick foam for a more comfortable and relaxing experience and the ankle fasteners are also highly padded so you will not have any discomfort when inverting. The non slip feet on the base of the frame keep you in a fixed position no matter what level of inversion you choose to relax in and the rubber padded safety handles are located on either side of the table allowing the user a safe and easy way of returning to an upright position after inversion.

The inversion table does require some assembly but does come with an illustrated assembly manual and all assembly materials, Klarfit suggest that this inversion table takes around 30 minutes to assemble and in my own experience this is true for most inversion tables although some may take a little longer. Once constructed the frame can be collapsed with the backrest still attached allowing the table to be stored when not in use and saving some space if it is not in abundance.

The most notable difference between the Klarfit Pro or Comfort inversion table models when compared to the Klarfit basic inversion table model is that both models look completely different with the Pro and Comfort models being a bit better looking in my opinion, however the Pro and Comfort variations do not fold up so if you are tight on space and would not want your inversion table displayed 24/7 you may wish to consider a more storage friendly option. You can view all of the basic, comfort and pro variations of the Klarfit inversion tables that are available on visiting the retailer.

What We Love

  • An affordable option to consider ✔
  • Large 150 kg weight capacity ✔
  • Easy to assemble ✔
  • Very sturdy and durable design ✔
  • Comfortable to use ✔
  • Highly adjustable ✔

The Cons

  • Doesn’t fold up like the Klarfit basic inversion table ✘
  • Wouldn’t recommend if under 5 ft tall ✘

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