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  • Suitable for users between 4’9″ to 6’6″ (1,54 m to 2.0 m)
  • 300 lbs/136 kg weight capacity
  • Airsoft ankle holders
  • 1.8 inch padded backrest
  • 2 position headrest
  • Easy reach “Palm Activated” ankle locking system
  • 4 angle position angle restriction
  • 180 degree vertical inversion
  • Measures 56” L x 32” W x 60.5” H
  • Weighs 70.5 lbs
  • Folded it measures 42.5” L x 32” W x 77.5” H


EXERPEUTIC 475SL Inversion Table with Airsoft Ankle Holders - 136 kg CapacityThe Exerpeutic 475 SL inversion table is Exerpeutics mid range inversion table that is a follow on from the very popular 225 SL inversion table.

Suitable for users between 4’9″ to 6’6″ (1,54 m to 2.0 m) in height the 475 SL can hold up to 300 lbs/136 kg in weight.

Like the previous model the 475 SL inversion table has patent pending Airsoft ankle holders that use AIRSOFT technology, allowing air to flow into different chambers to secure and fit the shape of your legs and ankles. This ensures no pain or pinching while using the inversion table for a more comfortable experience.

In addition to this the inversion table has a 1.8 inch padded backrest with soft foam for comfort and support.

It also has an adjustable 2 position headrest and foam covered long loop handles.

The table also has an Easy reach “Palm Activated” SURELOCK adjustable ratchet ankle locking system. Double lock ratchet tooth mechanism makes the table more secure and safe when inverting.

The long ankle lever also removes the need to bend excessively when securing your ankles to the table.

For angle limitation the 4 angle position adjustable control pin has been UL certified for safety. By placing the pin in on of the 4 angle restriction slots you can ensure you only invert to a certain point. A great feature for beginners that is more precise than using the standard tether strap system.

The pin can also be removed to allow for  full 180 degree vertical inversion.

The inversion table measures 56” L x 32” W x 60.5” H and weighs 70.5 lbs. When folded it measures 42.5” L x 32” W x 77.5” H.

Overall this is a very highly rated inversion table with plenty of positive reviews and lots of nice features.

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